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Have Us Come to You - A Pickleball Clinic, Camp and More...

Have EngagePickleball Academy come to your community.  What do we offer?  Simple.  What you need.  We customize the clinic or camp to your requirements.

  • We can have multiple clinics over multiple days.
  • We can provide (2) days 6-hours per day to one group of players, then the (3rd) day have several clinics for all playing levels.
  • Teach for 1-2 days, then hold a round robin tournament for your community.

We can come do our standard programs, or customize one for you.  Most engagements are a hybrid.  Communities let us know what they are looking for and we mix some of our standard events with customized ones to provide the perfect experience.

What makes us different?

  • Top Instructors:  Our instructors are top pro level players.  Just because you are a top player does not mean you can teach.  All our instructors go through a vigorous training session to learn how to teach.
  • Experience:  All of our instructors are professional instructors.  They have experience teaching other sports (If they don't they must have been teaching Pickleball for over (10) years to become one of our instructors).
  • Certification:  All our instructors are certified
  • Personality:  You need to make it fun.  In order to be one of our instructors, in addition to being a top player and instructor, you must be outgoing and engaging.
  • Energy:  Teaching isn't easy.  It's tiresome.  Our instructors teach because they want to, not because they have too.  So because they love it, the energy is there.  Our instructors have as much energy and enthusiasm during the 18th hour on the 3rd day as they do during the 1st hour of the 1st day.

When you are ready for us to come to your community.  Call our Event Coordinator Linda at 352-320-3343 / 210-460-9066 or email to schedule your next Pickleball experience.



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