Have Engage Pickleball Academy come to your community.

What do we offer?  It's simple—we tailor the clinic or camp to your specific requirements.


  • We can have multiple clinics over multiple days.
  • We can provide (2) days 6-hours per day to one group of players, then the (3rd) day have several clinics for all playing levels.
  • Teach for 1-2 days, then hold a round robin tournament for your community.

We can deliver our standard programs or customize one to suit your needs. Most engagements are a hybrid, where we blend some of our standard events with customized ones to create the perfect experience.

What makes us different?

  • Top Instructors:  Our instructors are elite pro-level players who have undergone rigorous training to become exceptional teachers. 

  • Experience:  Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in teaching sports. If they're not experienced in teaching other sports, they must have at least ten years of Pickleball teaching experience to join our team.

  • Certification:  All our instructors are certified, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of teaching excellence.

  • Personality:  We believe in making learning fun. Our instructors are not only skilled players and instructors but also outgoing and engaging individuals who make the learning experience enjoyable.

  • Energy:  Teaching is demanding work, but our instructors do it because they're passionate about it. Their love for the game and teaching shines through, and they bring the same level of energy and enthusiasm to every session, from the first hour of the first day to the last hour of the third day.

When you're ready to bring our expertise to your community, contact our Training Event Coordinator at linda@engagepickleball.com to schedule your next Pickleball experience.