Engage Sporting is a global leader in Pickleball manufacturing.  We now offer two lines of paddles to support the growing pickleball market.

Engage Pickleball Paddles

Engage Pickleball is our premium performance line of paddles.

These paddles are made in the United States.  The main components of the paddles that make them play the way they do are also made in the United States.  The paddles are 100% made by Engage employees in Engage owned facilities.  We are one of the only leading brands that can say that.

All aspects from the concept and design stage, engineering through manufacturing (fabrication, graphics, assembly, quality control), even the shipping. All done by Engage employees in our own facilities.

Engage Pickleball paddles are designed from the ground up to give you an edge.  An advantage over your opponents.  Maximizing control, ball feel, spin, placement and power so you can play your best.

Omega Pickleball Paddles

Omega Pickleball is our brand designed for those looking for the most cost effective performance paddle in the market.  They will also cover the mid-market and entry-level paddle market too.

Similar to Engage Pickleball paddles, Engage employees perform 100% of the concept, design and engineering of these paddles in the United States.  The paddles are designed similarly to maximize control, ball feel, spin and ball placement.  Producing paddles to make you play at a higher level than where you play now.

The difference is these paddles may or may not be made in the United States.

The paddles are designed to enhance your game, to perform and last. That is why Engage Sporting offers the following on all Omega paddles:

  • 60 day Test Drive.
  • optional OmegaCARE that extends the standard 1 year limited warranty on manufacturers defects to a 2 year limited warranty that covers not only manufacturer defects but 'wear & tear' too.

A warranty policy that is un-matched.

Price Point

Engage Pickleball paddles being our premium performance line of paddles will be at the top end of the market.

Omega Pickleball paddles may overlap slightly with the bottom end of the Engage Pickleball line.  They will also be priced in the mid-market and entry-level range.

Why Omega?

Engage Pickleball is one of the top selling pickleball brands in the world.  Sales of our Flagship Pursuit line of paddles continue to be one of the top sellers in the market.  Sales across all Engage Premium Pickleball lines continue to grow at an accelerating rate far outpacing the growth of the sport.  Over the past year (July 2021 - June 2022) we have more than doubled our manufacturing staff and added two new manufacturing buildings here in the United States.

To focus on this growth and to keep up with the demand (we can only hire so fast), Engage has dedicated it's manufacturing capability to their Flagship line of paddles (the Pursuit) along with their other premium lines of paddles, the Infinity and Encore.

To cover the rest of the pickleball market Engage Sporting (parent company to Engage Pickleball) developed Omega Pickleball.  The Omega paddle line will consist of the most cost effective performance paddle (such as the Extreme & Pro line of paddles) along with paddles for the mid-market and entry-level market.  These paddles will be designed for spin and control (with a highly textured face where the grit will last).

The same Engineers that design, innovate and develop the Engage Pickleball line of paddles do so for the Omega line of paddles also, to ensure these paddles perform better than our competition.

Engage Pickleball Line of Paddles have always been hand crafted (made) in the United States with all aspects of the designing through manufacturing by Engage employees in Engage facilities.  That will always continue.  That's what makes Engage Pickleball paddles what they are.