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Engage Pickleball Camps is the largest Pickleball training entity in the world for a reason.  We train more people and more come back to us because we have a proven methodology that takes fitness, mental state, strategy and the mechanics into account.

What makes us different?

  • Top Instructors:  Our instructors are not just top pro level players, but top instructors with years of experience.  Just because you are a top player does not mean you can teach, which is why all of our instructors go through a vigorous training session to learn how to teach.
  • Experience:  All of our instructors are professional instructors.  They have experience teaching other sports (If they don't they must have been teaching Pickleball for over (10) years to become one of our instructors).
  • Certification:  All our instructors are certified with insurance.
  • Personality:  You need to make it fun.  In order to be one of our instructors, in addition to being a top player and instructor, you must be outgoing and engaging.
  • Energy:  Teaching isn't easy.  It's tiresome.  Our instructors teach because they want to, not because they have too.  So because they love it, the energy is there.  Our instructors have as much energy and enthusiasm during the last hour on the 3rd day as they do during the 1st hour of the 1st day.

We also offer a FREE Pickleball Paddle (and the ability to pay a slight upgrade if you want a Premium Performance paddle) for 18-hour camps and a 30% discount off a paddle for 14-hour camps.

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In respect for all camp attendees and to ensure that attendees get the best possible instruction, please do not register for a camp beyond your skill level.  In doing so, you are risking the possibility of being removed from the camp with no refund. 

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