EngagePickleball Camps Testimonials

EngagePickleball Camp Testimonials.  The premier pickleball training.  But don't take our word on it, testimonials from people who have come and seen first hand.

Mike PrPich

"Janet and I really appreciate you putting on the clinic. I can appreciate the work that is involved preparing. We thought it was great that Jodi came to help instruct as well and we thought you were both very organized.

We learned a ton of stuff and are working to drill them into our heads, to develop that muscle memory. It has helped a lot already and we are even getting our local players all wanting to know about how the clinic was run and the format because they can see what we learned."

Diane Eaton

"Your clinic was awesome. We learned so much from you two. Now we are trying to break it down into manageable pieces. Thank you so much for your patience with us. We had a really fun time."

Bud Solem

"Thank you again for the fantastic clinic last weekend. I'm already seeing improvements in my play, and am able to self-diagnose and correct problems. You and Jodi are amazing instructors and wonderful people - the combination made for a perfect experience for me"

Jessica Paige

"Thank again for the clinic!  Charlotte and I ended up with silver the following weekend!"

 Joe Legatz

"Is there a website where I can file a review of the Engage Pro-team Pickleball clinic held in Holland, Michigan on August 18-20, 2017?  I would like others to know just how good this clinic was:  5 stars out of 5 stars!"

Sharon Robinson

"Peter and I wanted to thank you for the terrific clinic in Holland, Michigan last weekend. You were both great instructors who really knew how to communicate not only the how but the why. We talked on the way home about all of the things “we just didn’t know”. We also discussed how much we appreciated your passion and the fact that you never once “got lazy” on us…you both worked very hard the whole time.  Lastly, we wanted to thank you for simply being good, kind people who we had the pleasure to meet and spend a little time with."