Engage Pickleball Camp Testimonials: The Leading Pickleball Training Experience. But you don't have to take our word for it—hear directly from those who have experienced it firsthand.

“First, cu the music..."I had the time of my life". No joke, that song resonated with me after two and a half days of pure pickleball joy. For me, the investment did not come lightly, I missed two camps that filled up because I couldn’t pull the trigger on spending the money. I can assure you now it was worth EVERY penny! We not only were taught skills, but we were taught to understand the why & when of the bigger picture of the game. They helped us to understand the beautiful nuances of the game and to understand where we fit in this wonderful space. I learned SO MUCH, but more importantly, our Pros were genuinely caring and excellent human beings who invested in us and made us feel part of the team (not to mention the bountiful fruit and snack buffet they provided each day).It was a wonderful learning experience. I have already set up my Engage Pickleball Camp savings account!!!" -Mary M. (Charlotte, NC camp)

 "The instructors were excellent, knowledgeable, and able to explain things clearly. All the learning points were explained and demonstrated. Instructors came around when we were practicing and gave us feedback for improvement. Engage runs a great camp!" -Herb K. (Costa Rica camp)

"The entire Camp experience was phenomenal and exceeded my expectations. The program, was extremely well organized and covered a wide range of topics, each building and expanding on the previous one. Already, I have become a better player and will continue to employ and build on the strategies and skills I learned. I can’t wait to attend another camp after mastering what I have learned. Thank you!" -Evelyn S. (Monterey, CA)

"Jose Derisi & Sean, I can’t say enough about them. They are excellent pickleball coaches. Jose & Sean provided us with an excellent review of the fundamentals while providing strategy & the mental aspects of the game. Both coaches worked well together. I loved the demos, the drills, the organization, & the one-on-one time demonstrating techniques. Both coaches made the camp fun, interesting & very worthwhile. The camp exceeded my expectations & I'm using the knowledge I gained in camp on the court right now. I hated to see it end. Thanks." -Robert N. (Oxford, FL camp)

"Well... this ENGAGE camp was my 3rd and BEST. My 1st was after having played Pickleball for about 8 months. The 2nd at about a year and the 3rd at 18 months (last weekend). At this camp, we had four instructors. Among them - ~80 national titles. All of them are professional, engaged (pardon the pun), employ laser criticism, are friendly, and yes, even sometimes humorous. I said sometimes because I don’t want them to get big heads. They all deserve to have big heads, but none behave that way. I’ve had the pleasure to work with 3 of the four instructors in the past. At the end of each camp, they promise if you continue to work on the skills they teach, your game will improve. They delivered on their promise, and from camp to camp, I definitely see and feel the difference in my game. At each camp, I had an opportunity to play with one or more of the PRO coaches. It's ALWAYS humbling, but progress is very clear to me. As most PBers know, “playing up” is the best way to improve. This is the epitome of playing up. At camp, you will, by design, be paired with players close to your skill level. I'm running out of time, but I promise I can go on and on. Learn for yourself, go to an Engage Pickleball camp. Go to a couple of them. Improve your game. Be more competitive. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m addicted. Pickleball is life. Have fun!" -Dan W. (Incline Village, NV)

"I thought this was a great camp! I reviewed the pre-camp focus/ goals, and I believe all were met. I did not want a camp where the vast majority of the time was spent simply playing. This was not the case. The vast majority of the time was spent educating and drilling. There was always an explanation of “why?” things were being taught, whether discussing skills or strategy. There were two instructors for 16 students: a great ratio! I was concerned pre-camp about being placed in a mini-group for drills, etc, that was below or above my level of play. From the start, I thought I was placed in the appropriate group, which made learning easier. The instructors were awesome. The Pro Instructor, Kevin, despite being an elite player, was personable, humorous, and a great communicator. He had a special way of making his point and communicating with us as a group and on a personal level. He was hands-on as he worked with each of us individually. The other instructor, Sean, was great too: approachable and with an easy manner of teaching. The overall approach was serious but in a relaxed atmosphere. Thanks Engage!" -Steve S. (Charlotte, NC camp)

"Honestly, an Engage pickleball camp should be required for all players interested in learning pickleball. The Engage camp guarantees that every participant will be taught the necessary building blocks to achieve higher player levels. In addition to a very effective curriculum, our group was treated to having Scott Burr as our lead instructor. Scott is a born teacher and a very effective communicator. I would not hesitate to recommend an Engage camp to any serious pickleball player interested in excelling in the sport." -Harold Y. (Mesa, AZ camp)

"I just completed the Engage camp in San Antonio. After attending my first pickleball camp, the question is whether "it was worth the time/money"? From my perspective, the answer to both is a resounding YES! Instruction was delivered with clarity, organization, and enthusiasm. The instructor-to-student ratio in the camp was much better than expected, and the format/structure provided for a lot of direct instructor-student interaction. Joey and Sean had a great plan of attack for the camp and the time was very well used. The instructors were more than willing to take and answer every question that students had and did an outstanding job demonstrating techniques and then actively coaching as we attempted to put the instruction into practice. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it!" -Steve H. (San Antonio, TX camp)

"Thank you, Kevin, for your fantastic coaching! I played today and tried to apply everything instead of focusing on 1-2 topics. I heard that you get worse before you get better, and I think that’s fine as long as you know what you could be doing better - your instruction has helped me do just that. We told all our friends to sign up for a camp!" -Tobi P. (Austin, TX) 

"My husband and I recently attended a 3-day camp led by Scott, Mike and Rich. The coaches were extraordinary! So much personalized feedback and encouragement. It was amazing to spend 3 days with knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders who shared so many tips, techniques and nuances to improve our game. If we didn't love pickleball before, we certainly do now! -Wendy S. (Foster City, CA)


"Cheryl and I have been putting into practice what we learned at your camp in Delaware, OH, this year. We have entirely different games now and are playing at a much higher execution level – so much fun!" -Cheryl G. (Delaware

"...I can tell you for a fact that my game benefitted from the camp.  I was elbowing my way into the middle of the 3.5 pack where I play in Mexico, but I can see myself already eyeing the 4.0s in hopes of getting more game time with them and then working my way into their ranks.  I’ve already committed to organizing a “daily drilling” among a small group of us from 7 am-8:30 each morning, too, and I’m sure that will accelerate all of our games immeasurably. In any event, thanks again for everything.  Great camp.  Great Coaching.  And great time." -Gregg N. (Washington, DC)

"Good morning, all my new friends! I was up most of the night thinking of our wonderful days together, from the delicious breakfast & conversation, right to the court to be enlightened & excited about learning new skills, the matches, camaraderie, those ah-ha moments, and so much more. Each of the trips to explore Costa Rica blew me away. And the fun kept going! I loved the dinners and laughs all shared with you. Kevin, Glenn, Kara... I am grinning ear to ear, thinking how lucky we were that you all shared such gems of knowledge on the courts & that we got a chance to know you off the courts. Please keep in touch, as I can’t wait till we all meet up again! Lots of love to you all!" -Tracy C. (Corte Madera, CA)

"We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Engage Pickleball Camp with pickleball pros Scott Burr and Tammy Patys. They worked well together and helped us unlearn bad habits while patiently explaining to us why we needed to slow down our game to be better pickleball players. Turks and Caicos was the perfect setting for this pickleball camp. We made many new friends and look forward to our next camp with Scott and Tammy!" -Judy & Ken W. (Philadelphia, PA)

"Better than my highest expectations! Key to the quality & enjoyment was the camp Pros. The credentials are irrelevant if they are unable to communicate effectively and teach with understanding. They checked all the boxes, and in the end, friendships were developed. I would highly recommend Engage Pickleball training if the other coaches are anything close to the experience Scott & Tammy created!" -Nicholis B. (Bluffton, SC)

I'm very excited. I just ordered my new paddle. We had an awesome camp with Kevin. He is amazing and Rich and Rose were perfect to assist him. We have taken camps from other providers, and the Engage camp was so much better. Thank you all. -Jacky M. (Port Charlotte, FL)