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Omega Arctic. Polymer. Made in USA.


The Omega Arctic by EngagePickleball is a great paddle for those looking to get into the game, or to just have a paddle for the casual play with friends.  It is Polymer core paddle with a soft skin to provide plenty of power, feel and control.

The Arctic paddle is one of the best made low-cost paddle (sub-$50) on the market.  Made with the same premium trim and grips found on higher-end paddles.  Most other paddles in the same price range have plastic trims with thin over-grip type grips.  Not the Arctic.

Plus, like all Omega paddles, we give you the ultimate in flexibility and value.  Buy an Omega paddle, and when you are ready for a Premium paddle, our premium brand EngagePickleball will give you $30 off one of their premium brand paddles.  What a deal.  Why buy any other paddle on the market if you are new to the sport or a casual player.

Buy a bundle set and save even more.  Buy (5) and get 5% off.  Buy (10) and get 10% off.  Buy (20) and get 20% off.

Paddle Specifications:

  • Polymer Core and Composite Skin.  Designed to meet the strictest community noise restrictions.
  • Large surface area measuring 15 1/2" long x 8 1/16" wide.
  • Weighs between 7.5 - 8.2 ozs.
  • Comes in one color option, a white background with a blue label.
  • Industry standard 5" grip length.
  • Grip Circumference.  Standard (4 1/4")

Approved for Recreational Play and non-USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments.  Trade-up anytime for $30 off any EngagePickleball paddle which are all Approved for USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments.

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