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COSMETIC. Encore "MAX" (Shortened Grip & Enlarged Paddle Face)


The Encore ‘MAX’.  The Largest Sweet Spot and Paddle Face of any Pickleball paddle in production.

The NEW Encore ‘MAX' Pickleball paddle (the Gen 2 version of the Encore GP) provides all the same characteristics of the legacy Encore.  Maximum deflection (power), surface roughness (spin) and ball control, but with the largest 'Sweet Spot' and 'Paddle Face' of any paddle being produced on the market.  The grip size was optimized to maximize the surface area while still being able to grip the paddle with your entire hand (while minimizing wind resistance).  The weight is perfectly balanced so it feels very similar to the legacy Encore weight wise.  An amazing paddle for 'dinking', 'blocking' and for any other shot.

How does the 'MAX' differ from the legacy 'GP'.  Slightly larger grip so you can comfortably place your entire hand on the grip without having to place your finger on the paddle face.  Slightly narrower to lower wind resistance.  Weight reduced to the mid-high 7 oz range.

The design of the Encore ‘MAX’ goes further, by maximizing the amount of time the ball stays on the paddle (a concept originally developed by EngagePickleball), enabling the soft feel you need to command the soft (net) game.

The Encore line of paddles have always been about 'control' and 'ball placement', and having the perfect paddle to do just that (what you want with the ball) whether you hit 'hard' or 'soft'.

Innovation.  Creativity.  Ingenuity.  Exclusively by EngagePickleball.


  • Core:  Advanced Polymer Honeycomb Core (with Vibration Control Technology)
  • Skin: 'Proprietary' High-tech Fiberglass Skin (with Maximum Surface Roughness)
  • Optimized to Pass Most Stringent Community Noise Requirements
  • Weight: 7.6 - 7.9 oz
  • Size: 15 1/2" long x 8" wide
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4"
  • Color:  Blue Fade, Red Fade, Purple Fade, Aqua Fade
  • USAPA Listed and Approved for Sanctioned Tournament Play.


Category: 7 oz Range, Control, Core - Polymer, Power, Spin

Type: Polymer Paddle