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Engage ProShop & Training Center - Oxford, FL Schedule


Welcome to the Engage Oxford Florida ProShop & Training Center 

(just outside The Villages, FL)


Schedule of Events. 


What are the events (please ensure you register online and as soon as possible).

  • Red Events are weekly clinics based on skill-level and 8:1 instructor / student ratio (with min (3) individuals per event).  Each week focuses on a new topic to take your game to the next level.  
  • Blue Events are monthly events that occur the same day / week each month.  These events have a minimum number of participants required in order to hold the event, so please register as soon as possible. They are:
    • Prize Money / Gift Skill-level-based Round Robins & Shoot-outs.
    • Court-side Seminar (Strategy Training Sessions) and Demo Days.  All Welcome.
    • Rating Sessions, Train-the-trainer, Instructor Certifications and more...

Please Note: Drop-in is on a case-by-case basis if there's room.

To Book a Clinic or Event Online.   CLICK HERE 

To Book a Clinic or Event Online.   CLICK HERE

As a reference:

  • Beginners (2.0-2.5) are classified as those new to the sport or have played a little and still need to understand the basics of the game.  
  • Intermediate (3.0-3.5) players are individuals that have played and understand how to score, play the game and can keep the ball in play.  
  • Advanced (4.0-4.5) players have a complete understanding of the game and have the knowledge and ability to dictate the point.  


  • Demo Day with Pro Tips & Guidance - at these sessions you can try the latest paddles and get Pro guidance on the correct paddle including shape, weight and balance based on your playing style. Also, Professional Strategy Tips as you play.
  • Rating Sessions - The IFP is the world governing body of Pickleball. These rating sessions set a global standard supported in all member 30+ countries globally. Schedule the session you hope to achieve. Become IFP Rating Certified.
  • Pro Exhibition - These sessions include players that are rated 5.25 or higher (Pro-level players). Music will be played, and they make it fun. Bring your chairs and drinks and enjoy the top level Pickleball in the area.
  • Prize Money & Gift Round Robins and Shoot-Outs - These events will be played Round Robin format and King/Queen-of-the-court (Shoot-out) format and will be Skill-level-based. As you win and lose you move up and change partners.  They are $20/person with approx. (12) people. Prizes awarded to the top (6) players.
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions - These are led by Robert Elliott. US Open Pro-level medalist and gold medalist at other top-level events such as the USAPA Nationals and Tournament of Champions. Global Director of Training for the International Federation of Pickleball (The World Governing Body for the Sport of Pickleball) in-charge of creating the global standard world-wide for training, teaching, rating and instructor certifications. Lead pro for the largest training entity in the world (the EngagePickleball Academy) and USAPA Universities. Please ensure you bring your paper and notepad to take notes. These Tips will take your game to the next level.
  • Train the Trainer Sessions - If you are an instructor and want to improve your skills and learn how to teach more effectively and, like the Pros, become IFP Trainer Certified.
  • Instructor Certifications - Get Certified to teach Pickleball the via the IFP Global Standard.  Become an IFP Certified Instructor.



The Engage ProShop & Training Center is Open Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Saturdays 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Closed Sundays.

Address: 4095 County Road 106, Oxford, FL 34484 | Phone: +1 (352) 515-9294 | Email:



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