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EngagePickleball Courtside Seminar and Exhibition- Aug 4th Beverly, MA (Obear Park)


A great day of learning from the first family of Pickleball!  Don't forget to bring a pen and paper as you get top strategy tips, learn drills and practice ideas from top instructors, and enjoy watching top level pickleball from courtside.
Join the Elliott Family for a fun morning of pickleball instruction and play.
    Ready to take your game to the next level?
Aug 4th Saturday 8:30-11-00
Location: Obear Park, Beverly, MA
                    • Stage Dinking and Dinking Strategies 
                    • Being Proactive on the court
                    • Doubles Strategies for all levels of play
                    • Body Positioning
                    • Tips that help you improve your game without drilling
                    • Stacking Strategies
                    •  Free Giveaways- including the #1 paddle on the market "Poach Advantage"
                    • Cost is $20.00 per person
                    • We encourage you to bring your own chair
Learn from some of the Best Instructors in the Game. The TeamEngage Pros.   Rob Elliott, Jodi Elliott, Josh Elliott, and Rachel Elliott