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EngagePickleball Camp Event - Clinic Cruise (Exclusive Yacht Club) to the Caribbean (Sep 1-8, 2018)

  • Exclusive: This clinic is being offered to those who are interested in traveling in the exclusive MSC Yacht Club.  A private and exclusive area of the ship, an experience like no other (includes your own 24/7 butler service, panoramic window/private balcony, tailor-made excursions, private spa and more).
  • Summary: This is a 7-day cruise where you will enjoy the Caribbean and Pickleball.  There will be (3) days of clinics and (3) days of exhibitions/strategy sessions and events.  Plenty of time to learn and play Pickleball, while visiting the following destinations: US Virgin Islands, Antigue and The Bahamas.  Players will be grouped into similar skill groups.
  • Clinic Topic (area of focus):  Main focus on playing strategies.  How to defend against hard hitters and ball placement.  How to play more effectively with your partner.  These strategies will encompass all aspects of the game (dinking, 3rd shots, volleys, block shots, serves, returns and lobbing).
  • Instructor(s):  Robert Elliott and Jodi Elliott
  • Participants:  Only (24) spaces available so book now. 
  • Cost:  Varies
  • Location: Departure City (Miami).  Desintations (US Virgin Islands, Antigue and The Bahamas).

For Reservations and Information Contact

Linda Cintron, Cruise Planners, at 210-460-9066 or