Engage 'Pro-team' Academy Event (Clinic) - Aug 11-13 (Concord, CA)


EngagePickleball 'Pro-team' Pickleball Academy Event (Clinic)

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Learn from some of the best Pickleball players in the world. Have you ever seen the top pickleball players in the world play live or on video? I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a difference between the way they play and what you see in your local club.

How do you think they got there?  What do you think makes the difference?  Nothing is better than an in person training for taking your game to the next level.  What’s happening is instructors are teaching and passing on their own limitations.  So players are becoming handicapped, preventing them from progressing because the foundation is not there.  This leads to stagnation and frustration.

In anything you wish to learn, you always need to go to someone who knows more than you and has climbed to the highest peaks in Pickleball to take your game to the next level.

The instructors of the ‘Engage Pro-team' Pickleball Academy.

Instructors are USAPA National Champions/Medalist & Professional Pickleball Federation (PPF) players.

Matthew Blom.  Last year’s USAPA Nationals Champion Open Gold Medalist in Doubles.  Affectionately called Zen Master or the Peaceful Warrior by some, Matthew brings an inside out approach to the game, starting with how you breathe, hold the paddle, and relate to yourself and life (especially when you “make a mistake”). Tying it back to pickleball and how to “slow down the ball”, “visually open the court”, and turn anxious reactions into artistic control (that wins). 

Lucy Kovalova.  US Open Pro medalist in Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Singles.  USAPA Nationals Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Singles.  One of only (2) people (men or women) to medal in all of the Pro events of the USPA Nationals and US Open back to back.  Tournament of Champions Singles medalist.  Lucy has many other national titles and medals.  Born and raised in Slovakia, Lucy was a member of the Junior National Slovakian Tennis Team.  Played #1 doubles at Wichita State University.  Lucy's unique combination of range, power and beautiful strokes has allowed her to achieve immediate success and reach the pinnacle of professional Pickleball in her short time playing the sport.

Robert Elliott.  Champion/Gold Medalist at the USAPA Nationals and Tournament of Champions.  US Open Pro Medalist.  Robert has many other top National titles/medals.  Rob’s philosophy is clear.  Teach what works now, and what will work as you keep climbing.  Keep it simple and effective.  Know what you are doing.  So you can on your own fix what’s not working so you never have to say, “it’s just one of those days’.  Former USTA junior ranked tennis player and Collegiate Division I singles and doubles tennis player who taught at one of the famous Nick Bollettieri’s tennis academies.

Event Highlights:

When:  August 11-13, 2017
Where: Just a short drive from San Francisco, CA.
Location: Willow Pass Park.  2748 E Olivera Rd, Concord, CA 94519
Daily Schedule for 3-day Event:
  • Area of Focus:
    • Doubles Strategies; How to read your opponent (before they hit the ball); Strategy Concepts (with regard to Ball Placement); Court Awareness, Playing Strategies (how to work as a team), Block Shots (defending against hard hitters) and more.
  • 6+ hours of instruction per day (18+ hours total over 3-day event)
    • Equal time with each Pro
    • Groups will be based on Skill Level
    • Each group will be limited in size to ensure ACTIVE participation (not watching/listening) to ensure maximum training effectiveness
    • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and water included

Now what about the evenings?

Well, not only you, but the instructors as well will mingle and have a good time.  Get to know the best players and instructors in the world.  Dinner, Socials and yes, Pro Exhibitions so you can see the best live.  Whats more?  You’ll be able to play against the Pros to see how you do while winning prizes.

$500/person (equates to only paying approx. $25/hr for instruction by the top players in the world and having free food/snacks, exhibitions, nightly entertainment and dinner all included at no cost)
*** Private Lesson spots will be available each day.  Email to schedule.
Lodging if Needed (Group Discount Provided):

Clarion Hotel, 1050 Burnett Ave, Concord, CA 94520

Phone: (480) 719-7971

Group Discount Code:  Engage Pro Academy  ($119/night)

For more Information or to Sign-up:
Email >
Call > EngagePickleball at (888) 615-2242