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Learn More About the NEW Encore 6.0 Line of Paddles



  • Availability:  Ready to Order and Ship Now.
  • Pros using it now:  Jennifer Lucore (17x National Pro Champion), Brian Staub (2019 Tournament of Champions Senior PRO Doubles Champions (Gold Medalist), Gigi LeMaster (too many medals to list!!!) and others.
  • Why / how are Engage ‘thick core’ paddles different than the other ‘thick core’ paddles in the market:  Innovation called ‘Core & Skin Dimensioning’ producing the only ‘thick core’ paddles with both large sweet spots and power (the right amount of power to put the ball away while maintaining control and balance).
  • What took Engage so long to make a 'thick core' paddle:  Engage designs performance paddles.  The thick core paddles in the market previously had limited power and sweet spots.  Until we could engineer around that limitation, we didn’t want to put into the market paddles that couldn’t perform.  But we figured it out.
  • Where do the Encore 6.0 paddles stack up compared to the other Engage paddles:  They have more control, a softer feel and increased ball control compared to our other paddles.  However, less power (although the right amount of power to put the ball by your opponents while remaining balanced / un-compromised and ready in case the ball comes back).
  • Price Point:  $154.99 (for all (3) models).
  • Technology / Innovation:  Core & Skin Dimensioning (allows the core and skin to work as one to better distribute the forces at the point of impact.  Result:  Increased power, sweet spot and enhanced vibration dampening.
  • Difference between the (3) models / why one over the other:  The Shape which produces different attributes for the paddle.
    • Encore 6.0 (15.5” x 8.125”).  Slightly shorter but wider.  Lower center of balance for better maneuverability.
    • Encore EX 6.0 (16” x 8”).  Industry standard shape.  Great balance between reach, power, control and width of sweet spot.  
    • Encore MX 6.0 (16.5” x 7.5”). Elongated shape with extended grip.  For those looking for more reach, power and spin.  
  • Grip Length.
    • Encore 6.0 & Encore EX 6.0: 5 inches
    • Encore MX 6.0: 6 inches
  • Grip Circumference Options:
    • Standard - 4 ⅜”
    • Thin - 4 ⅛” 
  • Weight Range:  Lite 7.5 - 7.8 oz.  Standard 7.9 - 8.3 oz.
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Traditional (White)
  • I want more:
    • Control:  Encore 6.0 or Encore EX 6.0
    • Maneuverability:  Tend to lean toward Encore 6.0 but Encore EX 6.0 also.
    • Power:  Encore EX or MX 6.0
    • Spin:  Encore EX or MX 6.0
    • Extreme Power & Spin:  Encore MX 6.0
    • All around (great at everything):  Encore EX 6.0

*** Note:  For those that are not sure, choose the Encore EX 6.0.



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