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EngagePickleball Camp Instructors

Let me introduce some of the EngagePickleball Pro Player instructors.

Marcin Rozpedski.  Gold Medalist/Champion USAPA Nationals, US Open and Tournament of Champions.  Considered the #1 singles player in the world and one of the top doubles player.  Former professional tennis player that played on the Polish Davis Cup team and all the world major tennis tournaments.  Has been the Head Tennis Pro for various high-profile institutions along with training partner for some of the top tennis players in the world.

Gigi LeMaster.  Gigi is one of most recognized players in the game winning medals at all the major events over the past 5+ years. Her latest accomplishments 2017 US Open and 2017 Nationals Pro-level Gold Medalist.  Gigi played volleyball, but no paddle sports previously.  She picked up a Pickleball paddle at the age of 45 and worked her way through the skill levels from beginner to pro.  She said "It's been said I will probably be the last of my kind to have made it to the pro level without any paddle background".  This experience, is what makes Gigi a great instructor for all levels and playing styles. 

Matthew Blom.  USAPA Nationals Champion Open Gold Medalist in Doubles.  Affectionately called Zen Master or the Peaceful Warrior by some, Matthew brings an inside out approach to the game, starting with how you breathe, hold the paddle, and relate to yourself and life (especially when you “make a mistake”). Tying it back to pickleball and how to “slow down the ball”, “visually open the court”, and turn anxious reactions into artistic control (that wins).  

Brian Staub.  USAPA Nationals Champion in Doubles and Singles, US Open Pro Champion along with many other top titles/medals including the Tournament of Champions.  One of the most well known Pro Pickleball players and commentators in the sport of Pickleball.  Taught and competed in tennis at the national level and competed in Europe in Belgium, England, Spain and France.

Robert Elliott.  Champion/Gold Medalist at the USAPA Nationals and Tournament of Champions.  US Open Pro Medalist.  Robert has many other top National titles/medals.  Rob’s philosophy is clear.  Teach what works now, and what will work as you keep climbing.  Keep it simple and effective.  Know what you are doing.  So you can on your own fix what’s not working so you never have to say, “it’s just one of those days’.  Former USTA junior ranked tennis player and Collegiate Division I singles and doubles tennis player who taught at one of the famous Nick Bollettieri’s tennis academies.

Stephen Kennedy.  USAPA Nationals Medalist, US Open Gold Medalist and PPF Champion/Gold Medalist in Doubles, in addition to numerous other titles.  Considered one of the top senior singles and doubles players.  Steve has been with Jimmy Evert Tennis Center for 28 years with coaching experience in tennis and pickleball.   He traveled the world playing professional tennis earning a top 200 ATP world ranking.  He is now dedicated to teaching and playing pickleball full time.  Steve displays a powerful style of play but he believes the majority of practice time should be spent on the dink game.  His philosophy is drill, drill, drill and never let your game become predicable to your opponent.  

Jodi Elliott.  USAPA Nationals, US Open and East Canadian Nationals Medalist.  Tournament of Champions prize money winner.  Jodi has won many other medals at the national level.  She is also co-head of the IPTPA North/Central Florida Pickleball Training/Tennis Center with Robert Elliott.   Her teaching philosophy is to learn the basics, use those basics to continue progressing so you are able to execute your strategies to force your opponents to make a mistake.

Michelle Esquivel.  2018 Nationals Gold Medalist in Women’s 5.0, 19+ singles and medalist in several Open events including The Las Vegas Open, So Cal Classic and The Engage Golden State Championships.  Originally from Southern California, Esquivel comes from an extensive tennis background playing at the collegiate level and teaching Physical Education for over 15 years.  She currently resides in Central Oregon and works full time as a IPTPA Teaching Pro and Player at the Pickleball Zone in Bend. 

Scott Burr.  USAPA Nationals Pro-level Gold Medalist/Champion in both doubles and singles, Tournament of Champions Pro-level Gold Medalist along with many other top titles/medals in doubles, mixed doubles and singles including the US Open. He is considered one of the best senior doubles, mixed doubles and singles players in the country. Scott taught thousands of hours of lessons in his 25 years as a golf professional in the U.S. A. and Germany before moving to pickleball in 2013. He is also the owner of Your Pie pizza restaurant in Indio, Ca.

Matt Staub.  Tournament of Champions Men's Pro-level Gold Medalist / Champion, USAPA Nationals Pro-level Men's doubles and Mixed doubles Silver Medalist.  Matt fell in love with pickleball at an early age visiting The Villages as a child. Played baseball in college and graduated from LECOM pharmacy school in 2014. Currently living in Scottsdale AZ.