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TeamEngage and MSC Cruise Line.  Another Great Time and Success...

TeamEngage and MSC Cruise Line. Another Great Time and Success...

February 12, 2018

Another Success on the MSC Seaside with the TeamEngage Pros.

Based on the success of last October's TeamEngage Pickleball Cruise on the MSC Divina cruise ship, last weeks Pickleball cruise on the MSC Seaside was put together.  Well, it was another great time with MSC cruise lines and the new Seaside cruise ship.

MSC, Engage and the Pickleball participants couldn't be happier.  The weather was great.  The ship was even better.  (3) days of clinics, (3) days of strategy sessions, exhibitions and practice play.  There was plenty of Pickleball going on and enough time to enjoy the excursions at The Bahamas, US Virgin Islands and Antigua. 

The Captain and First Officer even had time to join us on the courts.

First person to provide feedback.  "We just returned from the pickleball cruise on the MSC Seaside and wanted to thank you for the week of instruction. We had a great time and learned so much! In fact, we got home this afternoon and were on the courts a few hours later drilling and working on the new skills that were introduced to us during the cruise. Again, thanks for your humorous approach and patience in introducing us to skills we will use to advance our pickleball game to the next level."

Another MSC and Engage exclusive Pickleball clinic is already planned.  This one is designed around the MSC exclusive Yacht Club.  To be a part of this one on September 1-8, 2018 you need to stay in luxury within the private area of the cruise ship called the Yacht Club.  Enjoy the sea and the Caribbean in style.  24/7 butler service, private dinning/pool/spa, panoramic window/balcony state rooms, exclusive excursions and more...and don't forget private Pickleball instructional sessions, strategy and practice play with the TeamEngage Pros.