NEW Guardian II ‘Widebody’. Control & Ball Placement Redefined.

September 20, 2016

The NEW Guardian II ‘Widebody’ redefines control and ball forgiveness. With a new ‘core’ technology and the first ever ‘chemically bonded’ textured skin, you can feel the ball on the paddle like no other paddle as you place it where you want. The paddle hits the USAPA size limit and was aerodynamically designed to give you the maximum surface area (sweet spot) with an industry-standard grip length.

What does all this mean? Take the Guardian II ‘Widebody’ for a test drive and you will know for yourself. The Guardian II ‘Widebody’ was designed from the ground up to create a paddle that harnesses the power natively found in Polymer cores and combine it with the ultimate in control and ball forgiveness. This was achieved by designing a new ‘core’ and proprietary ‘chemically bonded’ skin. The control will be in your hands to place the ball where you want. With the oversized head, you’ll be able to block those hard hits that are meant to intimidate you, and better yet, place them where your opponents are not. Impart spin when and where needed. Have plenty of power to put the ball away. The NEW Guardian II ‘Widebody’.

Innovation. Creativity. Ingenuity. Exclusively by EngagePickleball.

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