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Gigi LeMaster, Catherine Parenteau & Corrine Carr Pro Women Join TeamEngage

Gigi LeMaster, Catherine Parenteau & Corrine Carr Pro Women Join TeamEngage

December 28, 2017

Engage is very excited and proud to announce Gigi LeMaster and Catherine Parenteau as the latest members of the TeamEngage Pro Team. They along with Corrine Carr Siebenschein (who came over to TeamEngage this fall) are a great edition to the team. They are not only some of the top pro-level women Pickleball players in the world, but amazing individuals too.

Gigi is one of most recognized players in the game winning medals at all the major events over the past 5+ years. Her latest accomplishments 2017 US Open and 2017 Nationals Pro-level Gold Medalist.

Corrine is one of the top open/pro women players in the game. In 2017, she was the Pro-level gold medalist/champion at all three majors, the 2017 Nationals, 2017 Tournament of Champions and 2017 US Open.

Catherine is one of the newer entrants to the top level Pro women. She has been playing Pickleball tournaments for less than 2 years and already has an US Open Gold medal.

The entire Engage family is very excited to have these ladies part of the team. What is even more exciting is all three of these women will be teaching this year at the EngagePickleballCamp events. Engage has posted some of these events, more to come soon, at

Come meet these ladies, along with the other TeamEngage Pro team players and learn their secrets and how they win.

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