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The First Of It's Kind...The Evolutional 'Dual' Core Pickleball Paddle

April 02, 2015

Announcing the ‘Next Generation’ Pickleball paddle. A ‘dual’ aerospace grade aluminum honeycomb core paddle, with an impregnated fiberglass layer separating the two cores and a multi-layer bonded composite paddle face. Matt Staub owner of the ‘Poach’ Pickleball brand ( and one of the top Pickleball players in the country (2014 Nationals Men’s Open Doubles Finalist) envisioned the idea over a year ago. After unsuccessfully working with several Pickleball paddle manufacturers who were unable to manufacture his visionary concept, turned to EngagePickleball ( to design and manufacture what he calls the first true innovative idea in Pickleball paddle evolution. EngagePickleball is a manufacturer of Pickleball paddles used by players such as Robert Elliott (‘Nationals’ and ‘Tournament of Champions’ gold medalist) and other top players, including junior national champions. This is an exciting time for Pickleball players, where innovation and ingenuity is coming together to create the next generation paddle (the first ‘dual’ core Pickleball paddle) to enhance players level of play and enjoyment.

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